Speckled Poop, Sweaty Scalp, Itchy Patches, and Tiny Bits of Fuzz: My Applied Kinesiology Journey at 5.5 Months In

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A couple of days ago, I had my July appointment with Doc. In truth, the appointment itself was relatively uneventful — we’re pretty much in wait-and-see mode on the physical front and things seem to be progressing, and we’re still working on the emotional component because, apparently, I’m still a bit of a bundle of junk. Although the full elimination diet ended several months ago, I’m still gluten-free, caffeine-free, and avoiding coffee of any sort, booze, and sugar. Doc’s keeping all of the supplements the same, too.

But there are changes — some subtle, some not — that I’ve noticed over the last six weeks or so. Here goes (some are not for the squeamish, so let’s get the poop out of the way first):

Beginning about six weeks ago and for about two whole weeks, I noticed that I had a lot of white specks in my poop. Sorry, I know this is a lot of personal info but when you’re in gut-healing mode, these things are critical. According to everything I could find online, this would point to massive candida die-off (and the yeasty smell would back that up). At first I thought possibly it was undigested corn, and since I hadn’t eaten corn in about five or six days when I noticed this phenomenon, I was bummed because I thought it was a sign that my digestion, while improved, was still extremely sluggish. But when I saw it again the next day, and the next, and in massive quantities the day after that, I got a little nervous and hit the interwebs to self-diagnose (it should be noted that I felt totally, completely fine, better than fine, awesome, and had been eating very, very well in the days and weeks leading up to and during this).

It is incredible how many people out there photograph their poop. I don’t, and I was looking for a simple text description but there was no escaping the images, thank you, Google. So, between descriptions and images, I decided that yes, this must be a big-ass candida die-off.

I mentioned it to Doc at our last appointment and he was somewhat surprised — he hadn’t known of it happening four months in but said it was entirely possible, as our guts will shed layers of cells every 21 days — and if the candida was very deeply rooted (which was possible, since I suspect the problems went back many years), it could’ve taken that long to get through it. And even now, several weeks later, while it’s almost gone, from time to time there’s a little speck or three. Go, gut!

I also noticed that my scalp is more readily sweating now. That sounds unimpressive, I know, especially since it’s summer, but it’s that my scalp wasn’t sweating for a very long time that’s the key to why this is important. Before I lost all of my hair, or while I was in phases early on when it would still try to grow back in places, I noticed that if my head didn’t sweat during times when it should have (i.e., during exercise or while wearing hats in the heat), my hair was less likely to grow back in those spots. If my scalp did sweat in those bald patches, though, there was usually a little more growth activity, even if it sputtered out somewhere along the line.

So, along the large strip where the ophiasis part of my alopecia is (the lower half of my head, ear to ear and down), where there hasn’t been any hair for more than a decade, I’ve noticed that my scalp has started to sweat a bit there in the last week. I know it sounds weird or inconsequential, but it’s encouraging, like maybe the skin and follicles are waking up. Go, scalpy!

On the subject of my scalp, I’ve also had a little more itching in spots. It could be summer, it could be a million things that have nothing to do with my hair growing or not, but maybe it could be another potentially good sign…the itching occurs in little patches, not just all over (unless I’ve just taken off wigs and hats which itch and drive me crazy, since they’re like wearing dead cats on my head all summer). I think I felt the tiniest bit of stubble in one of this week’s itchy patches. Way too early to tell and way too tiny to tell, but if I can keep myself from wearing it away by constantly feeling for it, it’ll be cool to see what comes of it, if anything. Go, itchy patches!

So, that’s the update. Still off the booze and the coffee and the caffeine, 95 percent off the sugar (sometimes I have a treat, but it’s amazing how I don’t need anything more than a bit now). Still trying to eat well, take care, sleep soundly, manage stress. All good, all around.

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

{Photo credit: Made with love by Ryan McGuire, http://www.gratisography.com}


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