Steps Forward, Steps Back: Hair Loss and Other Updates at Nine Months In

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It’s been a little while since my last overall update, so this will bring you up to the nine-month point.

I had an appointment with Doc a couple of weeks ago (nearly three), relatively uneventful, though he thought there was a blockage of some sort in my right ankle, which he addressed. I let him know that in the couple of weeks prior to the appointment, my funky right eyebrow was thinning. Not the way it usually does, when it mostly goes in 1-2 days (nights, actually, as I usually wake up to find most of it missing). This time, it’s going more slowly, but going, nevertheless. The hair on my head, I tell him, still seems to be coming in, based on the sprouts, albeit not quite as much. My arms seem about the same, maybe a little less these days. I suspect it’s the supplement that he doubled in September but he doesn’t think so.

When we wrap up the appointment, he okays eating dairy again and everything else stays the same. Then, we schedule the next appointment for a full seven weeks out, which is a long time for me (it was supposed to be six, but I’ll be too busy with work that week).

Now, about 18 days after that appointment, I only have about four hairs left in my right eyebrow, which is even less than at the appointment. My arm hair is very sparse, too. My scalp’s started to feel a little weird, very tight, and I thought it might be due to a change in shampoo, so I switched back to the shampoo that I’d been using for a while before but even that didn’t help. Then, I thought maybe it was the heat (the temperatures just really started to drop here, and the heat’s only been on for a couple of weeks), but I don’t recall my scalp ever feeling quite that way before, even in the fall or winter.

I also noticed that my nails have gotten bizarre. Not the typical way they get before a big hair loss event (again, this is relative to the fact that I have next-to-no hair), which would be soft and ridgy for a week, then fine. Instead, they’re incredibly weak, peeling off in layers, splitting vertically, ridgy vertically, and breaking at the slightest provocation. They snag off if I put a hand in my pocket or a glove on. It’s really weird. The hair on my head seems to be hanging on right now, though there doesn’t seem to be much, or any, new fuzz since my last appointment.

I sent Doc an email to tell him about it, as well as to tell him that I’d like to go off of one of the supplements, the one that had been doubled a little while ago (two appointments ago, I think, so about seven weeks earlier). My nails tend to bounce back pretty quickly when the offensive element goes away, so I feel like we’ll know soon whether or not it’s related to it, or if we need to look at something else.

Doc agrees that I should go off of it for now, and cuts out the biotin, too, although I decide to just do the one supplement first, for about a month, before cutting biotin, as I don’t think the biotin is the culprit and I’ll otherwise never know (I’ve been on biotin before, as it’s purported to help with hair, skin and nails, and never had any problem — never had any real benefit, but no problems, either). We’ll see what happens. I’ll keep him, and you, posted.


PS: In case you’ve already read the last post about starting Barre3 but haven’t gotten the updates from the first two weeks, I’ve copied them here.

Week 1 update: Although it took me a few days to get started, I set a goal of three workouts this week — even if they were just the 10 minute sessions, I didn’t care, as long as I got them in. Crushed it (kind of)! Four workouts: 10 mins, 10/10, 10, and 30, for 70 mins of Barre3 this week. (For me, just getting beyond the fear of working out is huge, so I consider this week a total win.) Loved it, too, exactly what I’m looking for in a workout, even if some of the videos are a little wonky sometimes.

Week 2 update: Crushed it again! Total of four workouts, 80 minutes (10, 10, 30, 30). Loved them. It’ll take me a while to get to the point where I can fully engage in all the positions/exercises (if you remember what it’s like to be new to a sport or exercise routine, the best workouts come a bit later on, when you’ve gotten the hang of the moves and really know how to engage and work the muscles properly, and I’ll be in the midst of the learning curve for a while still). I’ve already changed from the trial subscription to a real subscription. While it’s too soon to have whittled off inches, I’m happy that I’m doing it, thrilled that every exercise includes modifications for back, knee and shoulder issues, and beginning to work through my fear of exercise, of movement, of challenging my muscles. And — and this is really imporant to my long-term commitment — unlike the physical and mental anguish I’d feel when I’d finish a workout like TurboFire, I feel totally energized and happy when I’m done. I don’t want to go sit on the sofa, I want to get out and do more…of something, anything. There are certainly a couple of wonky things — some videos, in particular, seem to get stuck, which is annoying, and the 10-minute workouts are really just edits of longer workouts, so there’s no warmup (something to keep in mind if you’re doing it, say, first thing in the morning). But these are teeny, tiny minor things and overall, I love it. I also love the focus on healthy eating, healthy body image, healthy balance…more so than other workout series I’ve ever tried.

Weeks 3-4: Still going, three workouts Thanksgiving week, which is great considering how hectic it is, and four the next.

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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