What Difference Can 10 Minutes Make? Let’s Find Out Together in This February Challenge!

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If you’ve followed this blog at all, you may recall that I joined Barre3’s All-In Challenge for January. While I still have five days to go (counting today), it’s fair to say that I’ve just about done it and absolutely loved it.

Sure, I wasn’t perfect. I had ice cream one day. I had a few other off-list snacks, like popcorn. And a couple of times when I aimed to get 30-minute workouts in, I only managed 10. But here’s the kicker: Even on those days, I got them in. One day, it was an easier, stretching workout before bed. On another, after wrapping up a 14-hour workday, I told myself that I’d try to work out before bed again. But in my heart, I knew that when these feet hit the stairs, they were taking me straight to dreamland.

So, looking and feeling a bit ridiculous dressed in my work clothes (albeit business casual), before hauling myself upstairs, I did a 10-minute workout. Full-on sweater and slacks, no yoga mat, no props, nothing but the promise of bed to move me along. And that was enough to reboot my resolve during what had started out to be the week in which I might have fallen off the workout wagon.

Instead, that night powered me through the rest of this week.

What I learned is that those 10 minutes were about much more than just those 600 seconds of that workout. They kept me to my month-long workout commitment and inspired me through some challenging work stuff, too.

In fact, feeling pretty confident that I’ll keep up with my Barre3 workouts now, I’m taking on a new challenge for February and I invite you to join me (and that’s why I’m putting it out there now, so we all have a few days left in January to prepare, if needed).

Here’s the challenge: For 10 minutes a day, every single day of February, we’ll commit to doing the thing that we’ve chosen for ourselves. We’ll do it for 10 minutes and only 10 minutes because the whole point is to prove to ourselves, once and for all, how much we can do in as little as 10 minutes when we get rid of doubt.

You’re free to make it whatever you want it to be but you have to promise this: You will focus on it completely and ridiculously (no other distractions, no multitasking, nothing else). You’ll set an alarm or timer or something and when it goes off, you stop, even if you have the energy and determination to conquer the world at that moment.


Here’s why: First, if you bust past that 10-minute mark, then the next time you think about doing this thing you’ve chosen, you’re going to think you need a bigger chunk of time to do it, so you won’t do it. Second, in this age of instant gratification, we lose out on the magic of experiencing progress and change. Slow down and enjoy it!

Maybe it’s something you feel you need to do to make your world brighter and better, like cleaning. If so, then spend 10 minutes vacuuming one day. And 10 minutes the next. And 10 minutes the next, until you’re satisfied or it’s done. Then move on to another chore the day after that, or start the vacuuming cycle over again. Or, if your goal is to do yoga, then pick something specific, like a challenging pose to nail by Day 28. The point isn’t to get everything done at once, it’s to show that we do have the time to achieve what we really, really want to, if we pay attention when time presents itself, like when the coffee’s brewing, the kids are bathing or we’ve already spent half-an-hour flipping through real estate ads or Facebook.

If you’re game for this, let me know what you’re going to do. I’ll follow-up with my 10-Minute Challenge goal, too. And when you think of ideas or peruse the list, below, keep in mind that you’re not aiming to do several of these things during the month but, rather, doing ONLY ONE OF THEM and learning to do it really, really well. Even if that’s brewing tea. Or napping.

The time is there. It the rest of us that aren’t always. So let’s be there, be in it and enjoy whatever it is (and if you need an extra boost, don’t forget that February’s the shortest month, too!).

Here are some ideas, cheers!

  1. Read a book. Or write in a journal.
  2. Learn to knit a scarf or hat.
  3. Every day, call a friend or family member for a quick hello.
  4. Play with the kids. Or play with the dog. Or talk to your plants. Or the goldfish.
  5. Clean.
  6. Meditate.
  7. Power walk. Or climb stairs.
  8. Do yin yoga. Or sun salutations.
  9. Learn astronomy. Or astrology.
  10. Prep a healthy lunch or breakfast for the next day.
  11. Design your dream house. Or dream car. Or kite. Or life.
  12. Choose a big project (repainting a room, making curtains for your home, reupholstering the sofa), break it down into a daily list of 28 10-minute tasks, and tackle it.
  13. Learn a new language.
  14. Draw or paint.
  15. Work on a businsess plan for your brilliant idea.
  16. Brew a delicious cup of tea or coffee, sit in a quiet space and enjoy it.
  17. Power nap (If you’re not a great power-napper when this challenge starts but you could really use the sleep, use this month to get good at it. I’m a champion power-napper and 10 minutes can feel like four hours of quality sleep, but it may take a week or two just to get yourself into the mode where you can calm your mind and body enough to fall asleep quickly. And set an alarm! 10 minutes is perfect and any more time than that not only breaks the challenge rule, but it gets you to a point in which you’ll actually wake feeling more tired, not less).
  18. Teach yourself to play an instrument (or practice one you’ve neglected).
  19. Sing.

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

{Photo credit: Ryan Maguire, Gratisography: https://gratisography.com/}. Thank you!


  1. I’m in. I have an excersise band routine my chiro told me to do for 10 minutes every day to help eliminate my back pain. He said if I strenghten those muscles, pain will go away. It is sooooo worth it. Why didn’t I do it. I NEED TO COMMIT to it. It’s so easy. I don’t understand why I didn’t do it but thanks to your challenge I will. Great post.


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