My Applied Kinesiology Experiment at the 13-Month Point: Here’s the Update

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Hello, friends, family and other followers (and random people who happen upon this, too). Thanks for checking in. Today was my March appointment with Doc (and already the 13-month point of this mind/body/spirit experiment, which I can’t believe).

As usual, he asks how I’m doing and I tell him that I’m fantastic, which we’re both happy to hear. I tell him that I’m keeping up with Barre3 and meditation, eating well, still avoiding foods and drinks that I should and getting lots of what I need, too.

And the new supplement? How am I doing with that, he asks?

I love it. I love it so much that I want to give it as a birthday present to just about everyone I know (though not everyone I know needs it, to be sure), and I tell him so.

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, even at my most relaxed, I feel a constant revving in my system, like a car that’s idling high all the time. Not going anywhere, just churning. I don’t know what it’s like to not feel that way. Or at least, I didn’t. Until now.

But with this supplement, it’s like magic! My whole system calms down. The churning stops, the engine isn’t in overdrive anymore. When I started taking it a month ago, following the one-pill-three-times-a-day recommendation, I took it with each of my meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner. But it made me so relaxed (not sleepy, just very chill), that I had to tweak the schedule out of fear that I wouldn’t get my work done (typically, the first half of the day, I tackle my hardest work; later in the day, when my system does slow down a bit, even pre-supplement, I’d use that time to do more mundane work. I was afraid to lose my morning fire).

So, I adjusted it to one at lunchtime and two in the evening. Perfection! Sleep hasn’t been a problem for me these last several years but now it’s even deeper. I wake up a little more slowly than I used to, but still feel very rested. I power through the day, clear as a bell. I’ve read that a lot of people use this supplement for memory function and that, too, has been better. And all the while, while I have great energy–it’s this very relaxed and even energy. Makes me feel floaty, too, in a good way. It’s hard to explain, it’s just really, really amazing and nice. Is this what people normally feel like? I’m guessing not. That’s why I think you should all get some for your birthday.

I realize, too, that I haven’t said what it is and that’s kind of silly, because it’s over-the-counter and widely available. I haven’t said it because despite the fact that this is a personal blog and I have a little disclaimer and all that, I’m afraid some lunkhead will blame me if he or she tries it and nothing happens (or something not great happens, although I haven’t found any negatives in all my readings of it on the interwebs).

But, I feel like I may be doing a disservice to those folks who could benefit from this, all those whose systems are also in overdrive, so here goes. It’s phosphatidylsterine. (If you’re inclined to try it based on what you’ve read here and possibly elsewhere and if you’re on any other meds, ask your pharmacist about possible interactions. And if you’re preggers or trying, ask your doc.)

The one I use is a soy-based product because that’s what Doc has, and there are others made from sunflower, too. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t so much reduce cortisol production, per se, but rather, it makes the receptors to it function more effectively, so that the body stops overproducing it.

Whatever’s happening, I’m in love with it. From all the reviews I’ve found (both anecdotal, from people like me on the interwebs, and from clinical studies), the closest to negative was that some people don’t feel any different. Doc says that part of the reason why it’s having such a big impact is because of all the other work we’ve done the last 13 months, too, and this body is about as clean as they get these days, so likely more sensitive. And, because I’d been living with this condition for so long that any positive impact is likely to be very noticeable. For more info on it, here are a couple of articles (here, from Dr. Axe, whose a well-known functional medicine practitioner and here, from a nutritional therapy practitioner and here, a clinical study from the National Institute of Health).

And the benefits start to snowball. For example, once the body produces the right amount of cortisol (and at the proper times, like when you’re being chased by a lion, not just asking a question at a staff meeting), other hormones come into better balance. Insulin, the whole bundle of sex hormones, and on and on. Which is why many people report other noticeable changes, like loss of belly fat and upticks in sex drive, among other things.

Does it mean that my hair might come back, too? We don’t know. As Doc said and I agreed, we just don’t know. These are hard issues to study and they will never be easily replicable in a lab. But for now, I’m back to feeling awesome (even more so than before, which I didn’t even think was possible!) and we’re both happy to give it more time.

On that note, my next appointment is two months from today. Between now and then, I’ll delight you with another haircut pic. As for other hair growth news, stay tuned!

{Note:┬áThese are┬ámy own experiences with applied kinesiology, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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