Et, Voila! Here’s How The First Week of “Flexible Frenching” Worked Out

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{Another warning: This is a follow-up to a post from a week ago in regard to weight/weight loss. I typically don’t really care for reading and writing about weight, but I was desperate (to lose some excess weight, not to write a post). If you don’t care about weight-related stories, skip this altogether or read my other posts on holistic healing, starting here. Cheers!}

I was going to wait until the end of our experiment to post, but thought it might be all right to update at the end of Week 1. I tracked what I ate each day on MyFitnessPal but only at the end of the day–I didn’t want to be consumed with calorie counts all day, because I realized that triggers my food panic (more on that in the previous post).

I included best approximations of quantities, since it wasn’t always easy or convenient to track. For example, I get about 3.5 servings of yogurt from a 32oz. container, so I know I’m eating about nine ounces each time. (Far more than the stated serving size, to be sure, but with certain things, like yogurt, there’s no way a six-ounce serving will satisfy me). Unless otherwise stated, I also had tons of water and unsweetened Tazo Passion iced tea daily.

(Going forward, B is breakfast, L is lunch, S is afternoon snack and D is dinner. Since I’m Frenching, there aren’t any other meals/snacks, because the French say so, or so the interwebs tells me.) (I promise, too, that nearly all posts are briefer than Day 1.)

Here’s the lowdown. How do you say “yahoo!” in French?? I think I lost a pound or two, one pair of pants that was ever-so-slightly snug a couple weeks ago is more comfortable now. (I will post the actual weight-loss outcome–fingers crossed that there will be one–at the end of the experiment).

Day 1: I’m excited, because when I have just-enough-but-not-too-much structure regarding how I eat, I tend to do better, at least for a day or two.

I felt a few moments of the food panic that I mentioned in the earlier post but otherwise, it was good to be more mindful of how, when and why I was eating. For example, on the way home from Trader Joe’s, I’d placed a bag of organic corn chips on top of the grocery bag, just within arm’s reach from the steering wheel, as I’d normally do. Then, I realized that I’d committed to no eating in the car and instead, I just sang along with the radio, which distracted me from my hunger (hunger!!) until I got home.

I ate three meals and a snack, all at a table. Unheard of! By the end of the day, I already felt great. (Side note: Yes, it’s true, TJ’s corn chips are neither French nor particularly healthy. However, in my gluten-free life, it’s also difficult to get the bread that I like whenever I’d like it and I don’t always have GF crackers handy, and sometimes you just need a carb or a vehicle for toppings, so having these on hand helps in a pinch.)

B: Hawthorne Valley Cream-on-Top grassfed yogurt, plain, 9oz.; 2T shredded, unsweetened coconut; 2T roasted, salted, shelled sunflower seeds
L: Scott’s Eggplant Parm
S: Sliced apple with 1.5T almond butter
D: Salad with six cups arugula, 1/3 avocado, 2T walnuts, 1 cup fresh blackberries and dressing made from 1/2T olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper; 13 Mary’s Gone Crackers originals; 1.5oz hard cheddar; 1/5 of a Montezuma’s 100% cacoa bar

Steps: Over 15,000

Day 2: Felt great this morning…and hungry, too! Ate breakfast a little late and lunch a little early. And killed it on the step count.

B: Hawthorne Valley Cream-on-Top grassfed yogurt, plain, 9oz.; 2T shredded, unsweetened coconut; 1 cup fresh blackberries
L: Scott’s Eggplant Parm, two small meatballs and a sliced apple with 1.5T almond butter
S: 1.5oz fruit and nut mix with almonds, cashews, blueberries and cranberries
D: 1/3 of a frittata made with seven eggs, six slices of prosciutto, 10 asparagus spears, two hot peppers, a big handful of mushrooms and a couple slices of swiss cheese. A baked potato with 1.5T of butter.

Steps: Over 22,000 (yes, that’s right, I took myself up to Niagara Falls for a post-lunch stroll on this lovely afternoon and it was great.)

Day 3: Woke feeling a little bloaty and it stuck with me all day. High energy again, though, so that’s good. Went out for dinner, managed to do all right.

B: Baked potato and two scrambled eggs, 1.5T butter
L: VeganSmart shake, way off the Frenching map but it was the best I could do for lunch today.
S: 1/2 avocado, Trader Joe’s Organic  Corn Chips
D: Open chicken souvlaki salad, two pieces of gluten-free toast (no butter); 1/2 cup mango sorbet

Steps: Over 17,000! Rainy much of the day so our dog walks were shorter, but I took a four-mile walk after dinner.

Day 4: Busy day, didn’t have breakfast until lunchtime. Tried to get most of my steps in prior to big dinner for Scott’s work.

B: Too late, really part of lunch
L: Small serving of Scott’s eggplant, 2 slices fresh-baked GF bread, 1T butter, 1.5T low-sugar raspberry fruit spread
S: 4oz plain yogurt, 1 cup blackberries, slice of fresh-baked GF bread
D: Greens with 1T goat cheese, nut and blueberries with maple vinegarette; seared scallops (four) with kale and spring onion risotto (1/2 cup); decaf; 1 1/2 glasses sauvignon blanc; chocolate brulee (2oz)

Steps: 15, 600

Day 5: Unexpectedly had to take Ella to the vet this morning, so that ate up the day until 1pm. That said, I didn’t eat breakfast…or, really, combo’d breakfast and lunch (but nothing so elegant or fun as brunch). I was still behind on work/life by the time evening rolled around, so I stayed in while Scott went out.

L: Two slices gluten-free oat bread with 1T butter and 1.5t low-sugar raspberry spread; 10 Trader Joe’s organic corn chips.
D: Trader Joe’s sprouted organic tofu, 1T sesame oil, 1/2 avocado, sesame seeds, siracha; Mary’s Gone Crackers (13, one serving); 2oz mozzarella; 1/2c coconut gelato; four small squares Montezuma’s 100% cacoa.

Steps: 12,000+. Missed my goal today but I think the average over the last five days would meet the goal.

Day 6: A heatwave has settled in and it’s going to be brutal for the better part of the next week. That said, walks were short, I was noodgie (any heat over about 77 degrees makes me lazy and cranky) and snacked a bunch. Missed my step count but not by a lot and ate some junk, but the day wasn’t a total loss, lots of water and Scott and I split dinner.

B: Two slices gluten-free oat bread with 1T butter and 1.5t low-sugar raspberry spread
L: Hawthorne Valley Cream-on-Top grassfed yogurt, plain, 9oz.; 2T shredded, unsweetened coconut; 1 cup fresh blackberries, 1/4 c. GF granola
S: 6 dried apricots, Mary’s Gone Crackers (13, one serving), 2oz mozzarella; 5 TJ’s organic corn chips; 4oz. mango sorbet
D: Scott and I split a middle-eastern platter at a local restaurant, here’s my half: grilled chicken and beef (probably 3oz); hummus (about 3T); baba ganouj (2T); two falafel; cucumber totmoato salad.
S: Four cups popcorn, 1T butter (movie night)

Steps: 14,182

Day 7: Brutal heat from the moment we woke up and we have an all-day wedding, so I’ll miss my step count by a lot. Ugh! Will aim to be really good at the wedding, though, and not drinking anything but water (except, of course, a champagne toast, mais oui!).

Week 1 wrap-up: Overall, “flex Frenching” has made me much more mindful. I didn’t eat in the car at all and only ate one thing (a snack of mango sorbet) on the sofa. Excessive heat always makes me feel bloaty, so that’s how I’m ending the week, but overall, I’ve felt great–like I’m getting some control over my eating but not at all deprived.

So far, love “flex Frenching,” hope it works. If nothing else, none of my clothes got tighter this week, which is the first time in months that that’s been the case!

{Photo credit: Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels, thank you!}