Updates: Post-Thanksgiving, Flex-Frenching and Topical Vitamin D Cream

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Bonjour, friends. We made it through Thanksgiving relatively unscathed!

Not to sound ungrateful for time with family and friends (I’m not, I love it), but it is a haul. By the time family headed out of town yesterday, I found myself roiled up, down and sideways about work and deadlines, stupefying bloat and a fridge full of stuffing that I can’t eat. Torture all around.

All that said, it was a lovely holiday and I hope yours was, too.

And now, with the major part of our holidays behind us (Scott and I host Thanksgiving here, then have a small Hanukkah dinner for family, then spend Christmas with his family) and mom-care becoming more normalized (still busy, but more routine than in the first few weeks post hospital/rehab), it’s time to get something of my life back together.

I dare say, I’m a bit of a mess. A calmer mess than I’ve ever been, mind you (which I attribute to my work with Doc), but my weight’s way up these last few weeks, my self-esteem is down and many personal and professional goals are looming like deer in headlights with no real progress in ages.

And I refuse to wrap up this year and start the next one feeling this way.

All that said, I’ve got about five weeks between now and the ringing in of 2019 which, I believe, will be a stellar year. That makes it even more important to be ready for it.

So, ‘tween now and then, I’m aiming to shed not only the weight that I gained through pre-Thanksgiving stresses and mom-care stresses these last few months, but also the remainder that I hadn’t (yet) shed through flex-Frenching.

As you may recall (if you follow this blog), I adore flex-Frenching. Slow and steady weight loss while getting to eat and drink what I love is perfect, non? My problem is that 17-18 hour work/mom days these last few months have led me back to pre-flex-Frenching bad habits.

I’ve eaten several meals on the sofa and snacks, too. And a few in the car. Vegetables, especially greens, are essentially non-existent and have been replaced, far too often, by French fries. Too many big dinners, too many late dinners, too much skipping breakfast and lunch only to find myself falling-on-my-face hungry by 4pm and wrestling my dog for the scraps she finds on our afternoon walks.

So now, I have about five weeks until the new year. I need to lose a significant chunk of the bloat and weight this week so that I can fit into a dress that I need for Saturday night and can’t quite zip at this moment.

Then, I’ll have jump-started my way back to a solid flex-Frenching holiday plan and can reasonably expect to shed most or all of the rest of the weight in the remaining four weeks. Voila!

Today, I’ll spend a few minutes planning meals for the week. Dinners will be mostly soups and salads, maybe a savory crepe here or there. Lunches will have a nice protein and some veggies. Breakfasts will be light, likely a Vegan Smart shake which is not Frenchy, but does make me feel better all around (I don’t get anything for saying that, just passing it on).

I’ll drink loads of water (I’ve been grossly remiss on this point). I’ll have a coffee or decaf with breakfast and herbal tea during the day. I’ll take Ella on long walks and get back to 10-minute Barre3 workouts (I can’t commit to any longer these days and since I haven’t even been able to get even short sessions in over the last few months, I’d consider 10 minutes daily an utter success).

And on the topical Vitamin D update (I mentioned ordering it in the last post), I received it the day after I wrote the post and started using it that day. I’ve been using it daily since.

When my mom-in-law was here over Thanksgiving, she told me that her psoriasis has been bothering her, no matter what she used (and she’s tried everything over the years). She said the last few months, in particular, it’s been driving her crazy.

I mentioned that when I was looking into the topical Vitamin D cream, many reviewers said that they use it for psoriasis and it helped. So, she tried it. And within days, she thought it truly helped. Her scalp was far less itchy, she said, almost not at all. The psoriasis seemed less pronounced, softened. She was ordering it as soon as she got home.

That said, I don’t have any changes yet, of course, but my tiny bits of hair are holding on. And I, too, like the Vitamin D cream very much. It feels creamy and rich but soaks in immediately. Very light, natural scent. No greasiness. I’ll certainly keep using it, too.

So, there’s a quick update. I’m off to figure out meals for the week, get some stuff organized to get back on track with personal and professional goals and to do all that other stuff that makes me feel like I can wrap up the year on a strong, positive note and set the stage for 2019.

Best wishes for a fantastic ride these next five weeks for you, too! Thanks for reading, I’ll update again soon. Xo.

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

Photo credit: Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels, thank you!

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