Six-Month Health Challenge Update, Weeks 2-4: Good. Lousy. Better?

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Hello again, friends, thanks for checking in again this week, and a special thank you to those of you who are following! (If you’re new to this blog, this post will give you some context about this new post, as will this recap of Week 1). 

It wasn’t my intention to wait three weeks to update you but, alas, that’s how things shake out sometimes, yes? A quick summary goes like this: I did all right the second week of the challenge, bombed the third and did great the fourth week, although you wouldn’t know it by the scale. Here’s a summary (Feb 1-Feb 23), edited to the (slightly) more interesting bits so you don’t get too bored by it:

Feb 1: Didn’t weigh in this morning. I accept that the scale won’t always show downward progress, but I just didn’t want to deal with that this morning. 

Feb 2: Down a bit o’weight again, yea! In my flex-Frenchie way, yesterday I had a huge lunch (I didn’t get to it until about 3pm, as I spent the entire morning and afternoon at doctors with mom), then a light dinner. Because I had a lot of work to get in still when I got home I didn’t get my workout in, which was sad.

Feb 6: Oy! Haven’t weighed in over the last several days! But, I have been keeping up with workouts (other than the two I missed late last week, I’ve done them all, even late at night before bed, like the one I did last night and the one I’ll do tonight, too). I’ve been keeping up with My Fitness Pal logs, too. And probiotics and other supplements, too. Will weigh in tomorrow morning, for sure!

Feb 7: Okay, I lied yesterday…I didn’t weigh in this morning. Even though I got my workout in late last night (better late than never, certainly), I ate too much yesterday and, because we had an ice storm that started during Ella’s morning walk, I only got about 3,000 steps in yesterday–10,000 less than I usually aim for. Unfortunately, it’s icy again this morning. 

Feb 12: Ugh, out with mom on Friday and she had a setback, fell in the wind…needless to say, the last few days have been extra busy taking care of things with her and extra stressful, haven’t worked out, taking out my stress on food…

Feb 14: Scott’s favorite weekend of the year begins today and no, it’s not Valentine’s…it’s Pond Hockey weekend in Buffalo…that said, it’s highly likely that between hosting out-of-towners, hosting the traditional team ham dinner and running to the rinks in between, I won’t get my workouts in again…ugh. But fun!

Feb 17: Pond hockey weekend has come to a close, team ham dinner last night was fun but bloating, and I haven’t worked out all week. Will reboot tomorrow and aim for double workouts all week — that’ll sort of make up for a week off, yes??

Feb 18: Okay, sure, I know that doing double workouts this week doesn’t really make up for doing no workouts last week, but I did two today anyway and aim to all week, and in my mind, it sort of makes up for it…(note: my February workout goal is 120 minutes a week, split into six 20-minute workouts).

Feb 21: Got two workouts a day in on Monday and Tuesday this week (that makes up for two of the missed workouts last week and two workouts for this week, per my totally nonscientific conclusions). Felt a bit cruddy all day yesterday, though, and think I caught a bit of the bad cold that Scott had throughout Pond Hockey (leading up to and during). Took yesterday off from workouts and went to bed very early to get some extra zzzzzs. That means I need to get four workouts in today to make up for last week’s misses still, as well as get in yesterday’s and today’s…(keep in mind, they’re only 20 minutes each, so at most, we’re talking 80 minutes today). It’s 11:30 am and I did get the first two in, so I have two left for a bit later. Feeling a million times better today, so it was worth it to get rest instead. 8pm update: Got all four workouts in today, plus a bit o’yoga. Yahoo!

Feb 22: Feeling all better on the cold front today, but the day did get away from me a bit and I didn’t get a workout in until 9pm. That said, only got one in, so I’m at a total of nine for the week, when I need 12 to make up for last week and cover this week. 🙂

Feb 23: I am awesome! Sort of! Well, my weight’s up this morning, up almost three pounds this week, ugh. A while ago, I read somewhere online some advice that a personal trainer gives to his clients (it stuck in my head, but I don’t know who said it, so if you’re out there, thank you). When he starts working with new clients, he tells them that they need to weigh themselves weekly, but not to expect any weight loss to show for 3-6 weeks. One of the reasons for this, he said, is that he wants people to realize that they can make tons of positive changes (working out several times a week, watching what they eat, drinking more water, boozing less) and still, the scale may not reflect that. He wants his clients to become aware of other changes, besides a number on a scale, that reflect better health. Do they feel better? Do they have more energy? Are they sleeping well? Managing stress better? Are clothes more comfortable? These are more important indicators. Still, he wants them to make peace with getting on the scale, no matter what it says. The point being this: Although the scale doesn’t lie — weight is weight is weight — it simply doesn’t tell the full story.

It’s just after noon and this morning, I got in my last three 20-minute workouts for the week (completing all for this week and last week’s make-up workouts), as well as two 10-minute sun salutation sessions and a four-mile Ella walk. All before noon! I rock, scale be damned!

That said, I’m still hoping that it will nudge down a bit by next week’s update.

Have an excellent week, thanks again for checking in, cheers! xoxo.

{Photo by from Pexels, thank you.}

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}


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