Six-Month Health Challenge Week 5: Workout Gains, Micro Losses

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Hello, friends! February’s over and with it, the first full month of my six-month health challenge! Here’s a quick update on the week. 

(Note: If you’re new to this blog, this post will give you background on the health challenge and this will give you last week’s update.)

Feb 24: Today is my day off from working out, so no updates on the challenge front, per se. But I noticed something a few times this week that hasn’t happened in a really long time — my body was giving off a weird smell, like it did back when I first did the autoimmune elimination diet early in my days with Doc and again, when I had the huge candida die-off five months later.

Could there still be excess candida buried in my gut that is finally loosening its grip? It’s weird but interesting, because I’m sure that overgrowth was part of my long struggle with some autoimmune-based health issues. So, if there’s some oddball bit of it hanging on, maybe now I’m finally getting rid of some very deep junk? Or, sadly, possibly I had another overgrowth?

I don’t feel the bad symptoms that were part of daily life back then (except that I sometimes feel a little foggier in the mornings, but I attribute that to drinking coffee right when I get up again, and I need to kick that pronto — I read somewhere that your brain starts to expect the caffeine boost and is slow to wake without it, if you overdo it, which I often do — and I’m not drinking enough water and I need to up that, stat).

Feb 25: Hmmmm, if I don’t log food in My Fitness Pal, it doesn’t count, right? I’m actually logging this blog a few days late and I neglected to note what I had for dinner on Monday, so it seemed like a stellar day with both my TJ workout and my yoga and fewer calories, but in reality, I think I probably ate more for dinner than I likely wanted to…and I can’t recall a single bite of it right now.

Oh! It just came back to me and I wasn’t that bad…chicken, veggies, a bit of mashed pots.

Feb 26: I’m distraught, panicked…my Turbo Jam video isn’t working…I tried to find something else that I could do for 20 minutes and hated everything…so I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down in this house instead…and then had a huge dinner out with Scott…and I’m bloated as hell and feeling a wee bit miserable…Ugh…

Feb 27: Oh, la, la, all’s right again in the world. I decided to rejoin Beachbody on Demand instead of using old DVDs and got two TJs in this afternoon, one for today and one for yesterday (makeup). (And if Beachbody still has coaches and someone out there who is reading this is a coach, please don’t take my enthusiasm as an invitation to contact me, thank you!) I only have two more days of my fave 20-minute workout, then on Saturday I start a 30-minute workout. When I started this challenge, I could barely get through 20 minutes and now I’m looking forward to 30 minutes. That’s progress. Weehoo!

Feb 28: Remember that bit o’wisdom that I mentioned in my last healthy-challenge update that was from the unknown personal trainer…the bit about not expecting to lose weight for a while when you start working out again…looking for other positive signs…but getting on the scale, anyway? Well, I’ve been trying that and my weight reached a new high today, the highest its been in more than 30 years…zoinks…

While cursing my body and the bathroom floor (which clearly is shifty and makes the scale all wrong), I remembered that bit of wisdom and suddenly, things weren’t so bad. After all, I’m five weeks in and have actually stuck with working out.

And, as I was thinking about this, I also remembered that in the past when I’d use Turbo Jam, it always took a while before I had any weight loss, even when I was younger, in better shape, had more discipline and was generally more active. The last time, my weight stayed exactly the same for nearly five weeks, then it started to go down steadily, if slowly. My measurements, too. So, with Week 5 nearing the end, I’m hopeful that soon, I’ll start to see things shift in the right direction again (down, down, down).

Otherwise, a good day.

March 1: I was going to wait until tomorrow to weigh in for the end of Week 5, just to buy myself one more day, but since today technically wraps it up, I tried not to be a chicken about it. The micro loss I mention in the post headline? Well, that’s my weight, which is down exactly one pound in five weeks. At various points since I started it was down a bit more, but it’s nudged back up. Must be muscle weight. 🙂 Alas, I won’t be undone by the scale’s bad behavior. 

I also took my measurements and while some haven’t budged, overall and between everything, neck to thigh and in between, I’ve lost 2.5 inches. Okay, not so great, it’s not like I’m fitting into my beloved pink cords…but it’s okay, it’s only 7am, lots of time ahead to make a great day out of this anyway. Eventually, things will budge. In regard to this update’s headline, the big gain of the last five weeks was that I managed to keep up with my workouts. 

And think of it this way: If I only lose a pound a month or so, I’ll still be down 10-12 pounds by this time next year (which, as we know, will be here before we realize it). And my measurements would be down by many more inches overall, too. 

So, why be down when all is looking up?

Happy March, all, spring’s around the corner but for now, Ella and I are going for a long walk in the bright snow and sunshine. Cheers, my next update may be in a week, maybe two. xoxoxoxoxo

{Photo by Saif Selim from Pexels, thank you.}

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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