Health Challenge Week 6: Working Out, Water and Weight Loss

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Hello, again. Well, it’s one week closer to the end of my six-month (6.5, really) challenge. As I reported last time, in five weeks I only lost one pound (yes, you read that right!). 

Did I do any better this week? Overall, I’d have to say resoundingly, yes! If you’ve ever been really active for a stretch in your life…then totally lazy for an even longer time…and then you finally get yourself moving again but even short workouts are killer…and then you actually start to feel better when you work out, not worse, then you know how I’m feeling this week.

And, if you read on, you’ll see that my weight went up, up, up, then inched down and to date, I’m 2.2 lbs from where I started six weeks ago. I’ll take what I can get and it’s a heck of a lot better than things going in the other direction. Besides, I’m SO digging my workouts right now that they’ve become my main priority.

Here’s a summary:

March 2: Having coffee today and tomorrow, then Monday I’ll switch back to decaf chai in the mornings to see if that gets rid of some of the morning fogginess that I’ve been experiencing lately. It could also be the remnants of Scott’s cold that I caught a titch of, but probably not. Could also be that I had a couple of Tito’s-and-sodas last night…hmmm….likely that.

Started my new 30-minute Turbo Jam workout (Fat Blaster). Not sure if I ever mentioned this but Turbo Jam workouts are cardio/kickboxing mixes with some HIIT cycles (anywhere from 1-4). And if the promos and reviews are true, then they burn a lot of calories, too, about 750 an hour, so about 375 for this 30-minute workout. It’s going to take me a while, probably a couple of weeks at least, to get used to the moves, but that’s okay. Good day overall, too.

March 3: Fk me!!! SERIOUSLY?????  I was perfect yesterday, pretty darn good the last several. Weight actually went down a bit yesterday and now it’s all back up today. FK ME!!!!!!! I hate this. I really do. It’s not fun or interesting anymore. FK ME.

Anyhoo, because the new 30-min TJ that I did yesterday has so many new moves, today I did a different 30-minute TJ routine that I haven’t done in years (TJ Live) but is still a little more familiar. I’ll work in the other one (Fat Blaster) throughout the next few weeks, too, but until I get to a point where I can at least put in something more than a half-assed effort (because I don’t know the moves yet), I’ll use 30-min Live and the fave 20-minute routine, which I also did today, just for fun. And got in my yoga, too. 

March 4: I swear, it’s the universe playing a sick joke on me. The scale was UP even more today!!! FK ME!! 

The good news is that yesterday, I had sort of a goodweird mental shift. After the bummer morning weigh-in, I’d thought that maybe I’d forget this whole thing, just ditch it if it wasn’t making me feel better, which is the whole goal. And then I realized that, despite the awful news on the scale, I actually do feel better. I feel better because I’m in the midst of my sixth straight week of working out, I’m feeling stronger and a bit more toned, my lungs don’t feel like they’re on the verge of collapse when I bring a load of laundry upstairs, my energy is up overall and Ella and I can play in the snow together.

Eventually, the weight may budge, and more likely, my measurements will go down a tiny bit more each month, even if the weight doesn’t. For now, I’ll keep on keepin’ on.

March 5: And once again today, a new high weight. I can’t believe this. I’m spending the day with mom, doctors appointments, so I’ve got today booked in as my day off from workouts for the week. We’ll see. I may need a little one when I get home. At the very least, I’ll try to get yoga in. New high. Fk me!

March 6: Even though yesterday was technically my workout day off, I did a quick 20-min TJ (and, of course, my sun salutations). How funny to think that I’m doing a workout that nearly killed me six weeks ago for fun today (it’s still a great workout, it’s just nice to get through it with some power now).

On that note, I did the TJ 30-min Fat Blaster this morning, totally fun (still learning it and it will always be challenging, but fun), along with yoga. Still chilly outside (6F when we woke!) but sunny today, so Ella and I will get some short walks in, quickies, but a few more than usual because we could both use the fresh air. And I don’t even want to tell you that the scale was down .6lbs today from yesterday’s 30-year high…but it was. 

March 7: So, a cheery bit of a nudge down on the scale this morning, which means that I’ll likely hit a new high tomorrow…whatever, I’m feeling better, more toned and better able to keep up with the TJ workouts, and that counts for a lot. Aiming to get TJ and yoga in just after Ella’s walk this morning (Late morning update: I did). Some fresh snow this morning and already the temp’s in the high teens and should be in the mid-20s soon (warm compared to the last few days) with lots of sunshine, so we should be able to get a couple of fun walks in…Ella and I have to take advantage of the snow while we can, spring is on its way.

Oh, and here’s a kind of interesting thing…a few months ago, we got a new digital scale. If you want to, you can track progress over time and when you weigh yourself on it, in addition to weight, it shows body-fat percentage and percent of your weight that’s water weight, among other things. I’ve never paid much attention to those because it’s all I can do to get on the scale and read the weight, since it’s largely been bad news.

But this week, as I’ve been feeling markedly better each day, I also noticed that my percentage of water weight has increased a bunch — from around 45% for as long as we’ve had the scale, up to 51% today.

I had no idea what a healthy water weight percentage should be (yes, I’ve always heard that our bodies are half water, but never really thought about it or tracked it). I’ve really focused on getting more water and decaf herbal teas in this week, so it makes sense that my percentage is up. But was that a good thing? According to the interwebs, yes, definitely. It looks like for women, it should be between 45% and 60%, so I was clearly on the cusp of chronically dehydrated. Could that have been the cause of the fogginess I’d felt for a while now? I’m going to aim to keep it between 50-55% and see how I feel. Neat!

Oh, and it’s just about lunch time (1:30) and since I’d been sitting all morning at my computer, I just did an extra, 20-min TJ to work out the sittingkinks.

March 8: Got my workout done in the am before walking Ella, which is nice. I’ve never been a morning workout person but I do get that it’s sweet to accomplish it early. Walked a lot, ate well.

March 9: Just weighed in, down 1.2lbs this week and 2.2 overall, I’ll take it! Noticed that the water-weight percentage had dropped back down to 45.1% today. I drank a lot yesterday but, I guess, not enough. I’ll work on that today. 

See you in a week or two, thanks again for following up. xoxoxoxo

{Photo by Pixabay via, thank you.}

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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