Health Challenge Week 7: Weight’s Up, But I’m Feeling Good?

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Hi, friends! Here’s a quick update on Week 7 of my health challenge: My weight was relatively stable all week, then up .2lbs this morning, ugh. So, the 7-week weight-loss total stands at a whopping(ly sad) 2lbs. Yikes! But, alas, it’s still a hair over a quarter-pound a week and still going in the right direction. Yeesh. But, on a cheerier front, I moved this body a bit every day (Turbo Jam and/or yoga) and two people told me I looked slimmer yesterday! (Okay, one’s my mom, she knows I’m trying to lose weight and, I think, is aiming to keep me encouraged.)

Not perfect but overall, I’m happy that I’m still working out and sticking to the belief that things will continue to progress!

This week’s inspiration for those moments when I almost missed workouts:

  1. Scott, who plays hockey three very-late nights each week, always on weeknights after long days at work. Worse still (from my perspective), he usually has a bit of time between work and hockey, just enough to come home and unwind. But even when he’s exhausted, he gets up and goes, even at 10pm. He loves it so much and never considers it a chore or an inconvenience.

  2. Ella (our dog, if you’re new to this), who finds complete and total joy playing in fresh snow, which we had a bunch of the first few days of Week 7. She never gets cold, she’s always having too much fun to notice the temperature. Run, jump, burrow, lick snow, wag tail, repeat. 

  3. The University at Buffalo Bulls, our basketball team. Admittedly, I haven’t been able to see many of the women’s games this year, only one, but we watch the men’s team whenever possible (live at the arena or on tv/computers). These guys are special: talented and athletic, funny, charming, humble and the most fun team to watch. 

March 9: Since I hadn’t taken a day off from working out (and am not sure it’s necessary when I’m only doing 20-30 mins daily), I just did a quick TJ workout (20 mins and yoga). Got in a great morning walk with Ella, the evening walk was short due to plans. 

March 10: We met friends for dinner last night and while I ate relatively well, it also feels like it was high in salt/sodium, so I didn’t weigh in today. Although I want my percentage of body water up (see this, if you didn’t see the last post), I think it feels different when the percentage is up because of drinking lots of water and when it’s because of eating too much salt. When I drink lots of water and decaf herbal teas, I feel lighter. When I’m retaining water because I’ve eaten too much salt, I wake with my fingers and face feeling and looking bloaty. Not sure if I’m just imagining this, but I’m going to keep an eye on it.

Feeling a little lazy today (lost an hour’s sleep last night, springing forward and all) but got a 20-minute strength workout, 10 mins of standing abs and my sun salutations. 

March 11: Didn’t weigh in this morning, either. Scott made me homemade gnocchi (gluten-free) last night. I love gnocchi and haven’t had it in years because of gluten. They were amazing and I ate every bite. So, feeling a bit heavier today. And the day was packed, as is this evening, with work…but by keeping my inspiration in mind (see above), shortly after Scott left for hockey at 7:30pm, I got two 20-min TJs and my yoga in. Ate well today, too, just short on water.

March 12: I forgot to mention it earlier but the past week or so, I’ve felt like I have a small boulder in my stomach. I think it’s because I’m getting too many of my calories from soft foods (yogurt, protein shakes) and not really using my digestive system to its best (Doc warned me about this years ago). That said, I’ll make a point of eating two solid meals a day. May need some ginger tea, too. That said, my digestion is still moving along, not stuck for weeks like it used to be.

Weight was down the tiniest skootch that the scale can measure, water weight is low today, though, at 45.3%. Got a quick 20-min TJ and yoga in as dinner was warming up.

March 13: Didn’t weigh in this morning, will tomorrow (big enchilada dinner last night!). The boulder feeling in my stomach is easing already, so maybe I was on to something regarding solid food. I was tired all day, couldn’t shake it, so instead of TJ I did 35 mins of yoga while dinner was baking and now I feel great. 

March 14: Good day overall, nice workout (TJ 30 mins and yoga), missed this morning’s Ella walk as I took Mom to the doc, but made up for it later. Boulder feeling in my stomach seems to have cleared up, happily, as that was a bit of a bummer for a while.

March 15: Weight is actually up a bit this morning but no worries, I’m holding on to the hope that working out will, eventually, pay off. And in terms of calories, I’ve kept them higher than I normally would when trying to lose weight (around 1,500 to 1,600 calories a day) since I’ve started this challenge because I was just so flipping hungry all the time, but now, I feel like my hunger’s stabilized a bit and maybe I can cut another 100 calories a day. Not much, but over time it all adds up.

Thanks for checking in again, cheers. I’ll update again in week or two.

{Photo by Photo by Sasha Elaizz from Pexels, thank you!}

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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