Health Challenge Week 8: Started Great…

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Well, we’ve made it to Week 8! 

I started strong, full of energy and bolstered by my new fitness tracker, though things sputtered a bit toward the end of the week and I only got four workouts in.

In summary, though, all positives: I’m down .8lbs this week, which gets me to an average of one-third of a pound a week in my challenge (which would normally drive me nuts but is somehow amusing at this point, and it’s still moving the scale down — at this rate, I should reach my goal by sometime around the year 2062 or so). I’m also learning bunches about my day-to-day activity and feeling good overall.

And, in a separate post to follow in a day or two, I’ll tell about my new gut/autoimmune healing experiment with a special yogurt. Loving it so far!

Here’s the nittygritty for Week 8:

March 15, pm: My Fitbit Inspire HR arrived tonight (if you’re new to this blog, links or mentions aren’t affiliates and I don’t get paid for anything, just telling my story in case it ever helps anyone else). I have no interest in a smartwatch for emails, texts and phone and this I can use for all the basics I want to track, like activity, heart rate and sleep. It’s cute (lilac!) and sleek and so far, I like it. Plus, before this, I’d rely on my phone to track steps and I don’t tend to carry it around that much. That said, will the Fitbit reveal that I get more steps than I realize?

March 16: As I suspected, keeping track of steps from a wearable tracker is interesting: Today, with a long morning walk and a short evening walk for Ella and everything else pretty typical, I logged over 21,000 steps.

That said, clearly I eat way more calories than I track, too, because truly, I should be slimmer if I get that much walking in regularly, I think, yes?? It also showed that I burned less doing Turbo Jam (TJ) than MyFitnessPal logs (by about 60 calories for a 20-minute TJ, which adds up, too!). Interesting. Other than that, my resting heart rate reveals that I’m either an Olympian or half-dead (it’s always between high 40s and low 50s) and Fitbit agrees that I still don’t get enough water daily.

Didn’t weigh myself this morning, as I had a St. Patrick’s Day party and two UB Bulls Basketball championship games yesterday. Go Bulls, both the women and men are MAC champions! Horns up!

March 17: I can feel this morning that I’m dehydrated, I get a little headachey when that happens, so after a morning java, I’ll switch to water, lots of it. Lots of work to do today, feeling a little lazy but will push through a workout later. PM update: Ugh, didn’t work out, first time in ages that I didn’t even get yoga in.

March 18: Busy day, it’s 7:50pm and I’m just about to walk Ella, will do yoga before bed but that’s the most I’m going to get in, I think, because I just ate dinner. Yikes, I can’t start falling off the happy-workout wagon now!!!!! PM update: I’m a bit terrified of going two days in row without a workout — for me, that’s certain death for any good habit. That’s said, I used my inspiration (Scott’s just finishing up hockey as I write this at 10:30pm) and got in a 20-min TJ and yoga. Feel SO much better now!

March 19: Busy and lazy again today, it’s 6:30pm and I still haven’t worked out. Will around 9pm. 10pm update: Didn’t. Ugh.

March 20: Got an early workout in so that I wouldn’t miss it again. Ate badly today, though.

March 21: Did a morning workout today, too. And I seem to be getting loads of steps in, it’ll be interesting to see what I average this week.

March 22: Spent most of the day on my butt, my bro had surgery (all well) and I kept my sis-in-law company at the hospital. Still, by the end of the day, I think I had about 8K steps in, which is more than I expected but less than half of what I’ve averaged all week. Ate all right early on and not so well later, out to watch the UB Bulls games. Both men’s and women’s teams advanced, Go Bulls!

March 23: Eight weeks in, yahoo! Weighed in this morning and it was actually slightly better than I expected, lost nearly a pound this week, which is a lot for this body. It’s early in the morning so I haven’t gotten my day’s steps in, but my average for the last six days was 17,615. So, pretty good, especially since yesterday was so low!

All in, a good week, though I need to stay on top of the workouts. Soon, too, I’ll be adding in short trail runs (I’m aiming to get new trail-running shoes this week), so that will mix things up a bit. But I’m still enjoying TJ and try to push each little workout, so I do feel like I’m still benefitting from it, even if it’s all I’ve done for eight weeks.

Thanks a million for keeping up, happy spring, I’ll be back in touch soon. Xo.

{Photo by Gratisography from Pexels, thank you!}

{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}





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