Health Challenge Weeks 9-13: When the Universe Threw Curveballs

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Hello, friends, it’s a long stretch since my last Health Challenge update. It’s been one-step-forward, three-steps-back throughout. In summary, Mom was in the hospital for a while again and then my brother was also hospitalized, and on top of that, Beachbody took down all my favorite Turbo Jam videos, so I’d been at a loss for indoor workouts. Yikes. Then we had company for a week+ and ate big dinners out every night. With all that, my routines and goodly habits took a beating.

That said, Mom and brother are on the mend and I’ll give a different workout series another try. It’s Turbo Fire (another Chalene Johnson/Beachbody workout series that I’d done in the past) and it’s a lot more intense than TJ and has a huge, long learning curve for me. Oh well, I’ll do my best.

As for weight, it is up again and with 13 weeks in, I’m only down two pounds in total. Alas, at least I’m not two pounds over where I started 13 weeks ago…and it’s never too late to try again, right?

I’m going back to my healthiest ways, including dropping booze (I rarely drink these days but with big dinners at fancy restaurants every night for more than a week, there was wine each evening and it does me no good physically or mentally, so goodbye to that for a long while). Also, I’ve been drinking 2-3 cups of coffee (full caffeine) a day (instead of my usual limit to one), in part to counteract wine-related fogginess, and I can feel that it’s too much for my stomach. So, it’ll be decaf chai in the mornings for a while.

On that note, too, at first I thought that I’d start working out again on Monday, but today’s Saturday and there’s no point in putting it off.

I’m also going to update this more regularly: five weeks without an update means five weeks to slide into the badlands. Even if there’s not much to tell week to week, posting keeps me accountable to myself (and you), so I’ll see you again on Friday, hopefully with better news.

Here’s a quick rundown of the last several weeks, hope all’s well with you!

March 23: Hard to believe I’m already into Week 9! Today was a great day, I ate well, got TJ and yoga in and, thanks to Ella and to strolling to pick up my car from the mechanic, I nailed more than 27,000 steps. Yowza! If I don’t end up losing weight, for surely there’s an alien living inside of me.

March 26: Crazy busy week, the end of March is always one of the nutsiest for work and Mom has several doc appts every week…that said, I didn’t work out yesterday but will today/tonight. 

March 27: Ooops! Here I thought a pair of jeans was a little looser because of my workouts but, alas, it seems that another pair has given out in the thighs…dang…

March 29: Didn’t do TJ today. On the bright side, I’ve been way over my step goal (13,000), though possibly not quite as high as last week. And, I’m down .6lbs this week for a total of 3.4lbs to date. That wraps up Week 9!

March 30: A cheery start to Week 10, down .2lbs this morning. I’ll take it! (3.6lbs total to date.) It’s been essentially a week since I got TJ in. Crud!

April 2: HEARTBREAK!!!! After a week of not working out, when I logged into Beachbody today, I found out that they’ve deleted all of my favorite Turbo Jam videos, including my beloved 20-minute workout and my other favorite 30-minute workout. THIS COMPLETELY SUCKS!!!! Boo, Beachbody!!! I tried to do another one, didn’t like it, I tried some other workouts, didn’t like them, managed to cobble together enough time flailing my arms around to actually record a workout on my Fitbit but I’m bloaty and puffy. UGH!!! What now?? After 10 years of doing these routines whenever I needed to whip into shape, I’ve never found anything that I like as much.

April 6: So completely sad about TJ that I still haven’t found anything to replace it and I ate really badly for a few days and am up two pounds, which is more than half of the weight I’d lost so far. DANG! 

April 7: Mom’s in the hospital again. Enough said.

April 9: Brother’s in the hospital, too. Seriously. Can’t make this stuff up. No time for workouts or anything else.

April 10: Brother home, Mom still in until the weekend, things are crazy!

April 17: Mom’s home, brother’s home, it’s a sunny morning and I’m ready to get back on track, if I can get caught up with work. No workout today but lots of walking in the sunshine.

April 18: Damage assessment: Up .6lbs which is sad, given how hard it’s been to lose anything.

April 19: It’s my bestie’s bday, so it has to be a great day! Still catching up on work that I missed last week while mom was in the hospital and probably won’t settle back into much of a routine until after my sis-in-law’s visit (she arrives today), but miss working out, miss the tiny bit of muscle tone that I was getting and the increased energy I felt, so after her visit, it’s off to the land of Turbo Fire.

April 24: My sweetest cousin’s bday, so it’s got to be a great day! Several long walks with Ella and sis-in-law but no workouts yet, won’t be happening until Sunday or Monday.

April 26: Ugh, we’ve been out for dinner every night for a week, that never bodes well for me…

April 27: The damage is done, up almost three pounds, which is more than half of what I’d managed to lose so far. Ugh!!! Okay, today’s a new day, I’ll get a little workout in before day’s end, aim to eat better (sis-in-law is on her way home and Scott’s out tonight, so a healthy dinner at home sounds lovely). Still determined to meet my weight goal (down 15-21 pounds by the end of the challenge in mid-August) and to get back into shape this spring and summer.

Cheers, all. xoxoxo.

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{Note: These are my own experiences with applied kinesiology and holistic healing, which clearly aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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