Supercharged Yogurt, Four Months In: Still Pretty Bald, But Better?

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Hi friends, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve updated, since change comes slowly in these parts (trying to heal autoimmune disease — and, as I always do, let me remind you that I’m not a medical professional or anything remotely close, I’m just someone with some health challenges and enjoy self-experiments in the hope that someday, we’ll all feel awesome.)

In my last Supercharged Yogurt update, I was just a couple of months in. Now, we’re twice as far along in this lovely self-experiment and I’m just on my way to the store to get my yogurt ingredients and thought I’d post a quick update.

So, how’s it going?

Remember the bits o’brows that I mentioned in this earlier post? And how I mentioned that, in addition to a line of uncolored hair that was still distinctly browlike, there was even the appearance of a pigmented brow hair or two?

Well, they’re still there and they’re now joined by a few more over each eye, so about 6-10 over each. Not a ton, but huge in my little world and enough so that after I wash my face and I don’t have my reading glasses on, it looks like a tiny schmear of dirt above each eye. Gorgeous? No, not yet. But for real, for the moment, there are a handful or so of pigmented hairs, which feels like progress.

On the noggin, the bits of white hair are holding on, too. There’s even one weird black hair. No lie. I’ve never had black hair, not even close, and since I lost my hair more than 20 years ago, anything that’s grown has been snow white/clear. But now, it’s like any pigment I may have in my head is now concentrated in one tiny follicle. Hmmmm…

Other than that, all continues to be swell with the digestion, skin, nails, mood. As I mentioned in this post, too, when I get accidentally glutened, the rash I get is far less severe and only lasts about 36 hours or so, which is a huge and happy change, so I’m keeping an eye on that as much as the hair.

In all, so far, so great!

If you’ve tried this yogurt (whether through Wheat Belly or BioGaia Yogurt recipes or my Supercharged Yogurt recipe) or plan to, please let me/us know how it goes, I/we would love to hear about your experiences, too.

Cheers, all, I’ll be in touch with updates on this front in a month or so. xoxoxo

PS: As I’d mentioned when I started this yogurt experiment, I’d also started taking another probiotic mix, Garden of Life Women 50 and Wiser for about a month or so before I started making the BioGaia yogurts. I had continued to take the GoL supplements almost daily, three a day in a Vegan Smart shake, because I always believe that even with trying to increase the l. reuteri in my system, more diversity is likely better in the long run, so why not try to increase a bunch? That said, I ran out of that yesterday and after going to a few stores and reading the labels, it seems that l. reuteri wasn’t listed any longer on that or several other GofL supplements. However, it also looks like they’re redoing their packaging and, perhaps along with that, reformulating their probiotics. So today, instead of the Women 50, I got the Garden of Life Iron+. It has l. reuteri in it, along with several other things that are supposed to help iron absorption. I’ll try it for a month and see what happens. Cheers!

Photo by: Oleg Magni via, thank you!

{Note: These are my own experiences with holistic healing and a whole slew of self-experiments and aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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