Updates: Healthy Challenge, Supercharged Yogurt, Seed Synbiotics and More!

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Hi, hello, thanks for checking in. It’s been an eventful month, September has, and both of mix of happy and challening personally and professionally, physically and emotionally. All in, though, I managed to keep myself from crashing and burning completely as the official months of the Healthy Challenge wrapped up and, along with that, the six months of the Supercharged Yogurt experiment.

Here’s where we’re at, friends.

Healthy Challenge: Super-double-bonus weight loss?

Back in the days when I did restaurant work as a second job, rather than resent the nights that I worked and didn’t go out with friends, I viewed them as super-double bonuses. That’s because not only was I earning some extra money, but I also wasn’t spending money going out. So, if I made $50 bucks and didn’t spend $50 bucks going out (because I was at work), I was $100 bucks better off. It was the kind of difference that added up over time and enabled me to buy my little dream cottage at a beloved lake.

Why do I bring this up now? Because that’s how I’m tending to look at the tiny (six-pound) weight loss I’ve managed to eek out over the official 6+ months of the Healthy Challenge.

Granted, it’s nowhere near the 16.8 pounds that I still ultimately want to achieve. But, if you’ve followed this blog, you know that summer is my hard season. The heat saps my energy and I have only enough of it move to my hand to my mouth (as long as I’m holding ice cream in it). For that reason, I gain 4-8 pounds every summer.

In my last post about the Healthy Challenge, here, I mentioned that I was down about six pounds and hoping to lose maybe one more before vacation, which was Aug. 17-24. Then, while on vacation, I thought I ate decently, and while bugs and heat kept Ella’s walks very brief, we managed to swim (float, really) a bunch. I thought I didn’t do too badly (even imagineered that I might be down a few ounces when I got home).

Alas, when I got home, I’d gain enough weight that, overall for the course of the six-month challenge, I was down a grand total of just .4 pounds! That’s right, folks.

But there was hope!

No matter what, I ended the summer with my weight a scootch less than I began the year. In and of itself, that’s a huge positive over the 4-8 pounds I’d typically gain.

And with September, the weather has cooled a bit and the weight I’d gained at the end of summer is coming off (again), something that I have struggled with more and more over the last bunch of years.

So, with September nearly behind us (already!), I’m down about six pounds. Not nearly where I want to be but down and better than where I started.

Super-double bonus.

In regard to many of the other goals I set then, too, I realized:

a) Know Thyself: Thinking that I could build up to a 10-mile trail run as the summer heats up is absurd in my world. From September through November, sure, but not over the summer. So, no, I didn’t achieve that goal, either.

b) Waist measurement down to where I wanted it to be? No, not yet, but a little bit smaller.

c) I’m not into my beloved hot pink corduroys yet, either, but if I hold my breath just long enough, I can get them buttoned and zipped. Better.

On the more-betterer side, too, I’ve started yoga again, doing Yoga with Adriene. I started the 30-day Yoga Camp on September 5, so I already was several days behind my planned Sept. 1 start. That’s okay, I thought, I’ll just double-up a handful of days.

Alas, though, the universe had other plans and mom’s illnesses this month have made things a scramble. Although there’s no way I’ll be wrapping up 30 days of yoga on Sept. 30, I keep getting back to the mat and have managed to get 18 sessions in so far. That’s pretty darn great in my book and it’s already making a difference in how I feel emotionally and physically.

And on October 1, I’ll restart Yoga Camp with a goal of doing one session a day so that I really enjoy it, rather than rushing through it.

Supercharged yogurt update:

Ah, supercharged yogurt, how I have loved you! All delicious and gut-happy, first thing in the morning!

As you know if you’ve been keeping up, I started my supercharged yogurt experiment in March (I think!), with a goal of keeping it up for 5-6 months, which I did.

It definitely helped get and keep my gut happy. Stellar digestion, clear skin, healthy nails. Even my eyebrows came in by about 30-40%, I’m guessing (I took a pic but it’s not great, but if/when they come in a bit more, I’ll post them all so you can see the progress).

Still, with my love of self-experiments, I decided to move on for a little while.

Seed Synbiotics update

Instead of making supercharged yogurt through the fall and early winter, I’m giving Seed synbiotics a go for the next bunch of months.

Here’s my thinking: If my body seems to go bonkers or even if I just seem to lose some of the benefits I got while eating the supercharged yogurt, I can always go back, pronto.

However, I feel like it’s probably good to mix up the probiotics (and, in this case, prebiotics, too) a bit, so I thought I’d give Seed a go. (It’s also why I always used another type of yogurt in my supercharged yogurt, rather than only the BioGaia Gastrus/L. Reuteri strains per the Wheat Belly yogurt on which my recipe was partially based.)

Although I was going to finish out the month with my Garden of Life 50+, I ended up giving those to mom, so I started Seed the day after the bottle arrived.

I have to say, they know how to market their stuff. Gorgeous bottles (one for the capsules and another for travel) of forest-green glass, with matching capsules inside. Gorgeous. When my next-month’s supply comes, the capsules will be in a little package and I just empty them into the bottle. No excess packaging and no waste, since the original bottles were packed in a cardboard box and a foamish insert made from mushrooms.

Oh, Seed, you’re singing my song! Plus, they follow up with loads of helpful info.

But, are they working?

I started Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week with one capsule, per their recommendations (even though I’d been on probiotics for a while, I thought I’d stick to their program). Then, you up it to two a day, taken at once.

While it’s too soon to notice any monumental changes (if there are ever going to be any), everything is still chugging along as it should be. Digestion seems to be responding well, which is the main concern for me.

So, I’m only a week in but I’m sticking with Seed for now.

That’s it for my updates, stay tuned, I think there’s more good to come! Hope all’s great with you, thanks for reading, xoxoxoxo.

Photo, thank you, by Kasuma from Pexels.

{Note: These are my own experiences with holistic healing and a whole slew of self-experiments and aren’t meant as medical advice for anyone else. But, I know a lot of friends and family members are grappling with a huge variety of autoimmune issues and other ailments, so I’m happy to share my experiences. And if this is your first visit and you’d like to follow chronologically, click here. Otherwise, enjoy!}

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